Getting a dental examination every six months isn't just a helpful suggestion but a necessary precaution. Dental exams can help you avoid cavities and expensive dental procedures such as root canals. Through a twice-yearly exam, your dentist can catch any dental problems right away so they don't get worse.

At Cherry Hill Dentistry LLC, we offer comprehensive dental examinations for all our Lincoln, NE patients. Whether you're 9 or 99, set an
appointment and bring your whole family for regular dental exams.

What Happens at Your Dental Exam?

When you come in for an appointment with Jerry Kroeger DDS or Tanya Powell DDS, one of our experienced staff members will greet you as soon as you step in the office. They'll ask you to fill out a dental history so we best know how to treat you.

Soon, we'll call you in to sit in one of our comfortable dental chairs. You can even watch television during your dental examination. Dr. Kroeger or Dr. Powell will come in and talk to you about your dental health. Using safe, gentle instruments, Dr. Kroeger or Dr. Powell will look closely at your teeth, gums, and tongue. He or she might take x-rays of your teeth to quickly spot problems and check your jaw and neck for oral cancer.

As soon as your dentist has a better idea of your dental health, he or she may recommend a treatment plan. Dr. Kroeger and Dr. Powell may
explain diet changes or brushing and flossing techniques that can better prevent plaque and other dental problems. If you need a procedure such as a cavity filling, our capable staff in Lincoln, NE can schedule it for you.

How Do You Schedule an Exam?

We look forward to helping you get a bright, healthy smile. Protect your dental health by scheduling dental examinations today. Call us at (402) 488-2383 or fill out the contact form to schedule an appointment in Lincoln, NE.
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